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Bites of Love

As a child, I remember my brother asking this very simple question.."Do you eat to live or live to eat?" Some odd years later, I've come to embrace how living to eat goes beyond a physical meal but in how we spend time with one another

To EAT, To PRAY, and LOVE can be found at the same table. When stirred together it creates magic in the air, burst of memorable bites and wonderful feelings of joy. Cooking and eating for those that you love can do all of that in a single mouth full.

It is important to show each other how much we care. I show my love through this page, cooking for my loved ones and investing my energy in things and people that inspire me. February, the month of LOVE, take that time to show and give a little extra "SURGA"

I know when I am cooking with the utmost of LOVE in my heart, I am happy and all my sensors are on point as I prepare meals for those I love. I want to bring them joy through my food. I want to bring a moment of happiness through this food that I carefully season, taste and create just for them at this moment in time. Magic can be found in the simple things, like sharing a meal. The memorable bites together will always connect us to one another.

Some of the most memorable bonding experiences have been created in the kitchen. My son and I have spent many an afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies together, and it has only brought us closer.

I remember when he was just a child, eager to eat the dough before the cookies were baked and watching him beam with pride to see his chocolate chip cookie master pieces come out of the oven! The cookies didn't last long, but my own sense of pride, getting to share these moments with him, will last a lifetime.

I suppose it runs in the family, as my husband and I have always had a relationship embedded with food experiences. Our first Valentines Day, he became "CHEF SPIKE" and created a most memorable dinner on the beach. He lovingly prepared "Surf and Turf", yep steak and lobster prepared on the beach of Adelaide. Talk about a "Slam Dunk", "Blow Me Down" fun date!!! I guess that's why he became a KEEPER.

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