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I started this journey with tons of mixed emotions and scattered pieces of a vision. I have always had a love of cooking and entertaining, but I also had a passion for theatre and the arts. My biggest question or need was how to combine all of these passions?

As kids growing up we had a group called “The Secret Seven.'' We wrote and performed plays for our parents during our summer vacations. All I can say is bless our parents for their support, and applauses of approval. You couldn’t tell us we were not “STARS”. Naturally, an evening of this nature could not close without the “Afterparty” with bites also prepared by us. Yea...this has always been a passion.

It has always been said it is never too late to create new dreams, or actually go after those dreams that have been dormant in our closets. I can not say what was the actual moment that caused me to take the leap of fear and turn it into the leap of faith. I still can’t believe that I actually took the leap and believe me, that leap is filled with an abundance of FAITH!!!

Today, I have dropped my first ever VLOG, “Island Girl Bites” . All I can say is that this has been a joyous and fun experience. I am on a serious learning curve, but enjoying every moment. I am happy for the opportunity to share my gifts and give back to the universe.

Today, Island Girl Bites gives you a mini history of cassava with an easy, tasty version of cassava chips.

The Arawaks were farmers and left us this nutritious vegetable known as cassava which is common in our diet. Nigeria is now the greatest producer of this veggie and it plays a pivotal role in their culinary cuisine. Bahamians, and many other cultures also use cassava in soups, dumplings, breads,fries and so much more.

I am older now and have grown to appreciate eating this root was NOT my favorite. I guess as we get older or as some say “mature”, we learn to like a greater variety of foods..LOL. With that being said, yes I now eat and enjoy CASSAVA!!!

Cassava Chips is a quick appetizer, an everyday snack that we can share with family and friends. It is all natural and just tasty. If you enjoy chowing down on chips and watching a good movie, Cassava Chips will take you to the next poppin level.


If you want your chips crunchy, they really need to be sliced very thinly. If possible use a mandolin or a food processor.

Dry Cassava before dropping into oil. (Some place in oven with door open to dry a bit).

Oil needs to be hot for best quality of frying.

You may make any combination of spicy chilli salt that makes you happy. Guacamole with Cassava Chips is just AWESOME too!!!



1 large Cassava

Vegetable/Canola Oil for Frying

Spicy Chilli Salt

Spicy Chilli Salt

1 teaspoon chilli

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon lemon and pepper


Peel brown bark of cassava.

Clean and place in cold water.

Slice Cassava (Thinly sliced cassava produces crispy chips)

Dry Cassava Chips.

Drop cassava slices in hot oil. (Be careful not to over stuff the pot. You do not wish to have oil boil over and you want to maintain heat).

Fry until golden brown.

Remove from oil and place on paper towel.

Season to taste with Spicy Chilli Salt.

Enjoy warm.

If you have any left you may store in a ziploc bag!!!

Remaining Spicy Chilli Salt store in a container for the next batch.

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