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Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Within our group, we all enjoy using herbs, vegetables and fruits from our gardens. Some members of our group have really extensive gardens, which some of us aspire to have in the future. It is such a pleasure to walk in your yard and pick your produce fresh, no matter how small a garden.

I am not lucky with gardening. I normally describe myself as the Grim Reaper of gardening; however, with all this time on my hands lately, I can now say I have joined the ranks of "gardener.” It is a truly satisfying - almost stupendous - feeling of pride when you see and taste the literal fruits of your labor. It is so invigorating to pick from your garden, straight to your mouth or in your pot...that's the way it should be!

We have grown accustomed to simply buying whatever is presented to us at our local supermarket. We ignore the thoughts of pesticides, additives and all things unnatural. Most importantly we like the convenience.

Covid –19 in an odd way, has forced us to take different paths... paths that we didn’t know we would be on. Many of us have had the time to begin our own vegetable gardens. We have had some success’s and oh yea... some failures.😂🤣😂

It is amazing the taste of organically, home-grown vegetables. They are crisp, succulent and naturally juicy, with robust flavors that we normally do not experience with store bought products. In a way, we have forgotten what they are supposed to taste like. If we can grow our own vegetables, it is cost-effective and it can be fun!

But I ain’t ga lie, I am not the outdoor gardening kinda girl, bending over, digging in the dirt. The gardening thing for me is a challenge and as said earlier, I am the Grim Reaper of plants...I kill them!🤣😭😓

The real elephant in the room is that to purchase healthy eating in the supermarket and at some farmer’s markets, it is just too dang expensive. It ain”t cheap. The other day, my goal was to shop and purchase green and healthy. WELL.....muddos, when you hit the cash register, reality hits you real quick...put back this, that, that....

At the end of the day, do the best that you can. If you can grow some tomatoes on the porch, have space for a veggie garden, buy one locally green grown vegetable or some fruits at the farmers market, do it.

I guess we have to decide: Do we pay at the front end or the back end? Whatever makes sense for you! We all know our own realties.

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